P.A.P Corp. Newsletter 9/1/2009 (view it online)

Christmass Food Drive for the Refugee Center in Thessaloniki

P.A.P Corp. joined its forces with the volunteers team of the American College in Thessaloniki and offered some joy in a special festive atmosphere to the Refugee Center of Thessaloniki.

Every year P.A.P Corp. hosts the families of the employees of the hotel company for a special lunch on the 2nd of January at the ASTORIA hotel in Thessaloniki.
This year ASTORIA hotel is under a major renovation so the human resources department along with the administration decided to do something special instead
by offering a lunch to the families of the Refugee Shelter of Thessaloniki.

Additionally we decided to donate full furniture equipment to the shelter for their new building of 15 Rooms.

If you wish to find more information about this shelter or the daily volunteer actions of P.A.P Corp. you are welcome to visit our site: www.papcorp.com
or contact us directly in: +302310 505500

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